Enhanced upload features

3 September 2014

We have fully tested and implemented an enhanced upload feature for all our customers.

You'll now be able to view and re-order up to 75 images that you have previously uploaded. Thumbnails of these images will appear on the "choose an image" step. When you have uploaded 8 images, a next button will appear to let you access older images.

Images that have been ordered and re-ordered will be stored for 50 days before they are deleted. This means that prints that you order with us most frequently will appear first for easy access.

We have also made the filenames available for you, which is particularly useful if you have uploaded several different versions of an image and need to pick the correct one. These appear when you rollover the thumbnails of your images.

If you have any queries or suggestions on this or other features of our website please do not hesitate to get in touch.