Galleries, artists and photographers often want to sell their prints as limited editions or open editions; with a signature and information on the paper type and print. This can increase the desirability of their artwork, create demand and increase the value.

Managing your editions can be difficult, especially if you have a large number of images. Hand signing each print can also be tricky if you're sending prints direct to your customers from your printers.

Point101 offers a solution - trade customers can setup and manage their own limited edition prints, using Point101's online tool. Each edition has a unique limited edition label attached to the back of the print, which is signed by the artist.

Each label includes details of the print method, size, paper type, ink set and date of print. Labels can be branded with or without a reference to Point101 and can be limited or open edition.

This gives confidence to the customer about what they are buying and can replace a certificate of authenticity (COA) which can easily get misplaced. It also confirms that the print has been made using a professional printer using the correct setup and archival processes.

How it works

Your editions can be setup using our live preview tool and customised to include the title of the artwork, artist name, gallery and website if appropriate.

We will send you an initial set of labels to sign and return. You're then able to order print editions on demand from your account, under the limited editions tab. When you buy a print, it will be added to your basket with the correct paper type and size; this makes it quick and easy to order when you get a sale.

We'll include the correct label on each edition sold and you can keep track of all your editions online. You also have the option to keep the labels yourself and order prints in batches from us.

If you're an existing trade customer you can start using the service immediately - just click on the limited edition prints tab within your account. Otherwise you need to apply for an account here first.

For step by step instructions, see this support topic, which includes a video on how to set up your limited editions.


Our labels are made from Archival Rag End Leaf 100% cotton fibre, acid free, lightfast and developed to the exact standards of the Dutch National Archive in Den Haag.

We print on each set of labels using Epson UltraChrome HD ink to ensure they last as long as the print itself.

We recommend they are signed using a pigment ink liner or pencil.


There is a setup charge of £10 for each image and a £2 surcharge is then added to each edition you print with Point101.

Currently we only offer this service for giclee prints.