Large Format Document Scanning and Printing

We specialize in large-format document scanning and offer high-resolution digitization services up to A2 at 300 and 600 dpi and up to 3 meters using our artwork photography service.

This includes architectural plans, engineering drawings, and historical records. With advanced scanning technology, Point101 ensures accurate digital files in PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and PNG file formats.

We use an overhead high-resolution CCD for fragile items, allowing us to scan books and documents without damaging them. This is particularly useful for valuable materials that may be damaged using a roller scanner.

We can also print large format documents at sizes up to 44 inches wide (110cm) by any length.

We serve personal projects, businesses, charities, and public-sector organizations, providing tailored solutions and secure storage.

Optional services include:

Colour-critical scanning services - see artwork scanning

Oversize digitisation service - from A1 to 2 meters.

Image adjustments and editing

Giclee printing, framing and self-adhesive prints

Optical character recognition (OCR) for searchable PDFs

Online PDF viewer for easy use on multiple devices


We can scan drawings and documents such as:

Architectural drawings

Birth records



Business process maps

CAD drawings

Construction drawings


Engineering drawings

Large drawings

Legal papers and land records




Music scores





Shipping plans

Technical Drawings

Utility plans

Wide-format documents


We can scan at 300 or 600 dpi with higher resolutions achievable via AI and software. For sizes larger than A2, see our artwork photography service


Our Large Format Document Scanning features

Printed at up to 2400dpi


Profiled for accurate colour reproduction


Impressive colour gamut and 99% pantone coverage


Full colour management setup


Scan at up to 4800 dpi


We can digitise framed artworks with glass or acrylic