Image enlargements

We offer an image enlargement service for digital images and physical artworks using bespoke techniques, customised hardware and AI software.

We have a dedicated artwork and photo editing studio, conveniently located next to our giclee printing space. We are equipped with the latest high-end Mac workstations, scanners and cameras.

We offer a combination of optical scanning, photography and software to make better image enlargements with additional clarity and more refined details for the intended use case of your artwork or photograph.

Image enlargements are charged in processing and workflow time. Our estimate will depend on the condition of the original artwork or digital file and the use case for your final image - for example, artefacts, defects, scratches, noise, and inherent pixelation.

Hourly Rates:

15 mins - £20
30 mins - £35
45 mins - £55
Hourly - £70
Half Day - £195
Full Day - £349

Here are some examples:

Enlarge a digital image under 1MB to print A0 at 150 dpi - £20.
Enlarge a printed postcard to print 2x3m at 300 dpi - £55.
Enlarge a 10MB TIFF with artefacts to print billboard size at 30 dpi - £195.

Feel free to contact us for an estimate and timeline for your project. Please include as many details as possible with any example images attached (or linked to). You can also book an appointment to come in and see us.