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Summary of charges per order, inc. vat.

Once charges are set up on your account, the total is added to the first print of each order you place on checkout; and based on an average of 1-3 prints per order. If fulfilment is very time-consuming, then we may have to give you a custom quotation.

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Delivery note


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Delivery note Etsy


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Sign before sending





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Stored insert


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Multiple inserts


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Order processing




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Pricing explained

  • Branded delivery note (printed by Point101) - £0.25
  • Delivery notes from sales platforms such as Etsy (printed by Point101) - £0.50
  • Sign and/or number before sending by the customer - £0.50
  • Stored insert and/or sticker* - £1.00
  • Multiple inserts and/or stickers for specific artworks* - £2.00
  • Hand-embossing and/or hand-numbering, dating* - £2.50
  • Tissue paper to wrap larger rolled prints - £2.50
  • Order processing and admin, for example - via a shared spreadsheet - £2.50
  • Custom / Miscellaneous - Contact Us

*All inserts and embossers are to be supplied by the customer. The maximum insert weight is 200g per order.

Note: If you only require bespoke fulfilment for some of your prints, you can register a second account with us to use for those orders, where a fulfilment charge will not be applied.


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