White label packaging


Bespoke fulfilment

We know that customers often have unique requirements. Rather than charging a "premium service" where one size fits all, we like to be transparent in our pricing and offer value to all our trade customers.

Anything that falls outside our normal workflow has to be collated, bagged and stored separately from other orders. This includes orders that customers come to customise and sign, where we have to make a member of staff available, and then re-check, re-pack and dispatch.

We're flexible enough to accommodate most requests and always happy to re-evaluate charges as your workflow grows or changes.


Design service

You can supply us with branded assets for us to use on your packaging, or we can organise the printing for you. If you would like us to assist with the design and printing of your brand, we have an experienced design team that is familiar with the prerequisites to fit well with our packaging.

Here is an indication of minimum pricing for designing your white-label items (printing costs are extra and depend on quantities):

  • Stickers - £105
  • Print ties - £140
  • Inserts - £140
  • Tissue paper - £140

Prices include VAT. There is a minimum design charge of one and a half hours - £105, including sending you a soft proof as a PDF. Hard-proofs on request, at an extra cost.

Example printing costs:

The cost for 1000 full-colour stickers is £100 inc. VAT. (based on a 70 x 50mm size, which can change). You can choose whether you have gloss, matt, satin or texture finish.