Kids' artwork scanning

What size of kids' artwork can you digitise?

Our standard box accommodates kids' artwork up to 33 x 42cm (approx. A3) or our oversize box for items up to 42 x 60cm (approx. A2). You can even loosely fold A1 paintings in our oversized box - just let us know before you order, as we charge extra for artworks at this size, and we'll need to get you a custom quote.


What kind of art can I include in the box?

You can include drawings, paintings, collages, schoolwork, photos, cards, cut-outs and even 3D objects (as long as they fit in the box).


Can you keep my artwork in chronological order?

Yes. Artworks that arrive collated in a particular way can be kept in that order and in that batch. We will do this by default, but if you would prefer us to have some creative freedom to lay out the book, please indicate this in the notes section on the reverse of the itinerary you send back to us.


Can you dispose of my kids' artwork if I don't need it back?

Yes. If you have too much clutter and would rather not have your originals back, we can recycle the artwork you send us. Please indicate this in the notes section on the reverse of the itinerary you send back to us.


What is the difference between 300 and 600 dpi?

It depends on how you intend to view, share or print your images. In most cases, digitising images at 300 dpi is perfect for viewing on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones and sufficient for printing at the item's original size.

However, we recommend digitising at 600 dpi if you want to enlarge individual photos for printing or framing.


Do I need to count my kids' artwork?

If you have lots of art and would prefer us to tally up the exact number of scans - that's fine. Just estimate how many items you will send and order the relevant box. We charge scanning per artwork, so you don't need to worry about being too exact - either way, we'll get in touch if anything seems amiss.


Are my items safe?

Yes! We've been operating for over 15 years and regularly digitise fragile work for museums and galleries, requiring staff training in conservation handling. Your items are stored in our security-monitored and humidity-regulated premises in East London. We will keep you informed by email throughout the process and let you know when we receive your originals.

Additionally, we can collect and send back your original items using a convenient Royal Mail service with end-to-end tracking, or you can book an appointment to drop them in. If you have many things to digitise, we can organise same-day couriers to pick up your items. 


Can I drop in my items?

Absolutely. If you'd prefer to drop in your kids' art to be scanned rather than have them collected by us, book an appointment to come and see us in Hackney Wick, London. Here's how to find us.


What is your turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 4 to 7 business days, from receipt of your originals. If you have an extensive preservation project and it requires more time, we'll let you know. If you need priority service, we can usually accommodate this at an extra cost.


Do you accept international orders?

Our service is set up to collect and ship to UK customers or drop-offs at our East London studio near Hackney Wick Overground. We're happy to accept international orders on an ad-hoc basis - please get in touch with us for a quote.


Can I use this service for my own artwork?

We do not recommend using this service for artwork that is intended to be reproduced and sold in galleries or other commercial endeavours. It does not include individual artwork colour-matching, balancing and other adjustments and editing that is normally required. If you require this type of service please see our artwork scanning and artwork photography services.


What size of printed art book can I order?

We have many sizes, paper finishes and cover options. We can also supply presentation/gift boxes and padded/soft/faux leather/cork covers. Once you receive your digitised artwork, you can purchase a printed book or framed print/ framed mosaic. Please see our gallery for some examples.