Kids' artwork scanning

Order a shipping kit

Once you know how many artworks you'd like digitised, click the order now button and select the appropriate options. We send you enough empty boxes and packaging to match the number of items in your order and include a how-to booklet to guide you through the process. 


What we digitise

Our standard box accommodates kids' artwork up to 33 x 42cm (approx. A3) or our oversize box for items up to 42 x 60cm (approx. A2). You can even loosely fold A1 paintings in our oversized box - you can include drawings, paintings, collages, schoolwork, photos, cards, cut-outs and even 3D objects (as long as they fit in the box).


Safe transport of your originals

We can collect and send back your original items using a secure service with end-to-end tracking. Alternatively, you can drop your shipping kit at a post office or book an appointment to drop them off at our studio.

We store your items in our security-monitored and humidity-regulated premises in East London. We will inform you by email throughout the process and let you know when we receive your originals.


Consultations available

If you'd prefer to drop in and see us, we're happy to talk you through the process. If you have more extensive preservation and scanning projects, this can often be more efficient to outline the techniques and timelines involved. Get in touch or book an appointment here.


Reproductions of your kids' artworks

We can design and print a stunning kids' art book with a digital PDF to approve. Alternatively, we can arrange your kids' art as a framed mosaic or individual canvas prints. Just let us know when you order which product you're interested in!