Stretched canvas

Printed onto bright 400gsm cotton,
hand-stretched on heavy-duty 4cm-deep stretchers.

- From £33 inc free tracked UK delivery
- Sizes 8x10” to 51x79”
- Four different edge wrap types
- Delivered in 4-7 business days

Choose how the edge of your canvas looks.


Image wrap

Your image is printed on both the front and edges of the canvas - the outer part of your image is wrapped around the edges. This is our most popular option, producing a consistent and natural look, but may not be suitable if you don't want to lose the outside of the image to cover the canvas edges.


Mirror wrap

Your image appears in full on the front, with the edges of the image mirrored and replicated on the edges of the canvas. A great choice if you would like a subtle image wrap but cannot afford to lose part of the image from the front.


Black edge

Your image is printed on the front of the canvas, and the edges are coloured a solid black, producing a striking three-dimensional border to the product.


White edge

Your image is printed on the front of the canvas, leaving the edges their natural white colour.