Sketch and scrapbook scanning

You can order our regular box size for books up to 33 x 42cm (approx. A3) or our oversize box for books up to 42 x 60cm (approx. A2). Collection and delivery is included in the price.

We include scanning of the outside and inside covers free of charge. Each page is supplied as a JPEG and your book as a complete PDF.

Additional pages are charged pro-rata at the rate indicated on the package you choose, so you don't need to worry about being too exact. Just estimate how many pages/sides you'll send and order the relevant package for each book. We'll get in touch if anything seems amiss.

Standard Box

Standard Box

Up to 26 pages

£59 (£2.26 per page)

Standard Box

Standard Box

Up to 52 pages

£95 (£1.82 per page)

Standard Box

Standard Box

Up to 78 pages

£129 (£1.65 per page)

Oversize Box

Oversize Box

Up to 62 pages

£149 (£2.40 per page)



Each scanned page is supplied as an individual JPEG and your book as a complete PDF and tablet format (EPUB). Tablet formats allow you to view your digital book on devices like iPads, Android devices, laptops and larger screens, such as TVs.

Default scans are provided at 300 dpi via a secure downloadable link or available on a fast transfer USB stick at an additional cost. You can upgrade to a higher resolution scan - 600 dpi if required.

For more information on 300 vs 600 dpi see our FAQs.


Create bespoke books or framed prints from your digital files

We can organise, design and print stunning art and photo books in different covers, styles and formats. If you have a particular image or page you'd like to print, mount or frame, you can try our easy-to-use upload and preview system to let you do just that. All you need to do is notify us when you order that you'd like some printed items, and we'll get in contact once we've completed the digitisation with a recommendation.


Get started

Once you know which sketch or scrapbooks you'd like digitised, hit the order now button and select the appropriate options. You can also add other items (such as photo albums, loose photos or kids' artwork) by selecting them in the menu. We send you enough empty boxes and packaging to match the number of items in your order and include a how-to booklet to guide you through the process.