Limited editions



Our labels are made from Archival Rag End Leaf 100% cotton fibre, acid-free, lightfast and developed to the exact standards of the Dutch National Archive in Den Haag.

We print on each label and certificate using lightfast ink to ensure they last as long as the print itself.

We recommend they are signed using a pencil or pigment ink liner.


Micro-embossed Labels

We attach a unique Limited Edition label to the back of the print, which is signed by the artist.

Each label includes details of the print method, size, paper type, ink set, hallmark, ID and date of print. Labels can be branded with or without a reference to Point101 and can be limited or open edition.

The source, size and date of the print instils customer confidence and confirms it has been produced by a professional printer using the correct setup and archival processes.

Each label measures 105 x 45mm.


Certificates of Authenticity

In addition to labels, there's the option to add a Certificate of Authenticity for each edition you sell, which includes all the information contained in the label, plus a thumbnail of the image, a unique certificate ID (which can be traced), and information about the artist, artwork or gallery.

Certificates come complete in a glassine sleeve and can be stored safely or attached to the back of a frame.

Each certificate measures 297 x 105mm.