Point101 Scholarship

Better design has become more commonplace in areas of work and study. In the past few decades we’ve seen an increased onus on better architecture, interior design and a focus on the use of art and prints to brighten up workplaces and universities alike.

Our scholarship focuses on the importance of this. We want students in third level education to simply tell us what the singular most important aspect of design is that makes a work or place of study a better and more productive place and why they believe this to be the case.

The winner will receive $500 which can be of tremendous help for their education.


Who is Eligible?

The scholarship is only available to those who are enrolled currently at a university, college, trade school or high school.


What Do We Look For In Videos?

There are plenty of things we look for when reviewing the video entries. Clarity and creativity must be readily seen from the video. But most importantly, the video must reflect innovation and an understanding of how our surroundings impact on us.


How To Submit Applications?

Make sure that your video does not exceed 5 minutes. To join the scholarship program, upload your video to YouTube with the title "Point101 Scholarship." A link to this page must also be placed in the description area.

Once all these steps are completed, you can email us at scholarships@point101.com and place a link to your video. You must also provide the following information:

— Full name, contact number and mailing address

— Your school name (You can join if you've been accepted but haven't started school yet)

— Proof that verifies your student status in the school

— Field of study

Upon entering this scholarship contest, you permit us to use your video for various purposes including marketing and promotional efforts.



This is an annual scholarship program and the 31st of December marks the deadline for applications.

December 31 is the deadline for the first scholarship. A new scholar will be chosen on January 15 each year.


Learn More about Point 101

Point101 is a digital printing business who believe that art should be accessible to everyone and remain beautiful and attractive.