We have a dedicated artwork photography studio, conveniently located next to our giclee printing space. Equipped with a high-resolution 50-megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss lens and professional lighting; we can digitise paintings, illustrations and other media up to 2 meters wide.

One of the most critical stages of the art reproduction process is the origination. With over 15 years experience, we utilise our skills and specialist equipment to accurately match your originals, paying close attention to the texture, details and colours used in your artwork to give you a virtual copy.

Using our professional photography service means you can safely archive your images with us and create giclee prints of your art as and when you choose. You can be confident in the knowledge that we store your art in a secure location, encrypt all digitised images and your artwork is covered by specialist insurance while it's at our location.

All types of media can be photographed in fine detail - including watercolour, oils, acrylics, photographs, canvases, charcoal drawings, pencil, pastel, pen and ink.

Framed works that are displayed under glass are shot using a particular lighting layout that will eliminate any reflection.

Same size and Enlargements

By default, we photograph your artwork so that it can be reproduced at the same size without loss of detail. If you require enlargements, please ask us for a quote.

Framed Artworks

We can photograph artworks in their frames without any reflection from the glazing being captured. This can be important if you do not want to remove the artwork from its frame, there is an extra charge of £10 - £15 depending on the size, type and condition of your glazing.

Artwork photography charges inc. vat:

We offer a 15% discount for 3 or more photographs. Printed proofs are charged at £10. Quotation for repackaging artwork for return by courier on request.

4 - 7 business days turnaround

sizes up to A3 - £ as per scanning

up to 42 x 59cm (approx 16 x 23" or A2) - £45

up to 50 x 50cm (approx 20 x 20”) - £50

up to 59 x 85cm (approx 23 x 33" or A1) - £70

up to 70 x 70cm (approx 27 x 27”) - £70

up to 85 x 120cm (approx 33 x 47" or A0) - £80

up to 100 x 100cm (approx 40 x 40”) - £100

up to 130 x 150cm (approx 50 x 60") - £130

up to 150 x 200cm (approx 60 x 80") - £170

Larger than 150 x 200cm - please contact us for a quote

Same day Priority Service - when available

Please contact us for a quotation.

48-hour turnaround - when available

A one-off priority charge of £25 (for up to three artworks)

A one-off priority charge of £50 (for up to six artworks)

For more quantities please contact us for a quotation.

On Location:

If you require us to shoot artwork on location, including art and gallery documentation, we can bring our setup to you. We have a base charge of £395 which is added to our standard pricing for digitisation. Extra costs may be added, depending on the location.

Prices include:

  • using a min 50-megapixel high-resolution camera
  • tone and colour balancing at our studio
  • adjustments to closely match the original
  • image archiving
  • TIFF version of your artwork (master file)
  • JPEG version of your artwork (print-ready file)
  • artwork insurance included (see T&Cs)

There may be additional charges if:

  • there is lots of editing required
  • we need to remove and replace your images from frames
  • photographing a material which requires extra setup to digitise
  • photographing framed artworks behind glass

You will be notified of this before we start the process.

Artwork photography - by appointment

Please contact us if you would like a quotation, or to make an appointment to bring in your artwork. Alternatively, you can send us your originals by following our packaging guide here.

Reproductions of your artwork

We specialise in giclee printing reproductions and can offer you a printing package to suit your budget. Please contact us for a quotation.

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