Artwork Photography

4 - 7 business days turnaround

(Priority, subject to availability)

  • sizes up to A3 - £ as per artwork scanning
  • up to 42 x 59cm (approx 16 x 23" or A2)    - £45
  • up to 50 x 50cm (approx 20 x 20”)             - £50
  • up to 59 x 85cm (approx 23 x 33" or A1)    - £70
  • up to 70 x 70cm (approx 27 x 27”)             - £70
  • up to 85 x 120cm (approx 33 x 47" or A0)  - £90
  • up to 100 x 100cm (approx 40 x 40”)         - £100
  • up to 130 x 150cm (approx 50 x 60")         - £130
  • up to 150 x 200cm (approx 60 x 80")         - £170
  • Larger than 150 x 200cm - please contact us for a quote

We can offer a 15% discount for 3 or more artworks. Printed proofs are charged at £15, either as a test strip or at A4 size. Quotation for repackaging artwork for return by courier on request.


Additional charges

Photographing a material or artwork which requires extra setup to digitise. We can assess the charge when you drop off your artwork.

  • Framed Artworks - £10 - £15 extra.
    We can photograph artworks in their frames without any reflection of the glazing being captured.
  • Un-framing / Re-framing service - £40.00 Hour
    This service includes cleaning and preparing the frame to be resealed.
  • Retouching - Editing Charges £70.00 Hour
    We offer an editing service for anything outside of what is included in our strand service. More information here.

On Location

We can bring our setup to you if you require us to shoot artwork on location, including art and gallery documentation. We have a base charge of £395, which is added to our standard pricing for digitisation. Extra costs may be added, depending on the location. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.


Sending us your artworks

You can send us your originals by following our packaging guide here.

Once we receive your artwork, we will contact you. We will then walk you through the rest of the process, including sending you your files and arranging delivery of your originals and any prints.