We provide a high-resolution scanning service using the latest Epson flatbed scanner, with an optical density of 3.8 DMax and 48-bit colour depth ensuring sharp and accurate scanning for full reproduction of the widest range of colours, even in shadow areas.

All types of art media can be scanned in fine detail - watercolour, oils, acrylics, photographs, canvases, charcoal drawings, pastel, pen and ink.

We scan up to A2 if artwork is flat and up to A3+ if on a frame. We will be launching an artwork photography service for sizes larger than A2 in spring 2017.

Our prices include colour and contrast adjustments of the file to match the originals as closely as possible, as well as any minor removal of imperfections. There may be additional charges if a great deal of editing is required but you will be notified of this before we start the process.

Your scans can be downloaded in tiff format along with a colour corrected jpeg the same day up to 1GB. Beyond 1GB of data we provide a free USB key. Hard proofs are available on your chosen paper type as per our regular print pricing.

Flatbed Scanning Charges inc. vat:

360 DPI

A5 – £10

A4 – £15

A3 – £20

A2 – £35

1200 DPI

A5 – £15

A4 – £25

A3 – £40

A2 – £70

We can offer a 15% discount for 3 or more scans.

We specialise in giclee printing reproductions and can offer you a scanning and printing package to suit your budget.

Please contact us for a quotation.